Would You Like To Win Multiple Double, Treble and Accumulator Bets
... Making Just One Bet A Day?
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How often have you had a winning streak ... then wished you'd increased your returns by placing multiple double / treble bets?
How often have you placed a Yankee bet, seen the first two horses lose ... then realise you're "locked into" that bet - whatever happens to the last two!
Dear Betting Enthusiast
Yes, we've all done it.
You hit a "purple patch" of winner after winner ... then wished you had increased your returns by backing them with multiple bets, (such as Doubles, Trebles, Four-Folds and Accumulators)
Or when you do place a Yankee, see the first two nags fail miserably, then realise you still have a further two horses to run.
And obviously, the friendly bookmaker won't let us close the bet early simply because things have not gone our way!! That's why bookmakers usually refer to this as the "Mug Punter's Bet"!
For those people who perhaps dont know what a "Yankee" bet is, perhaps I'd better explain the concept before telling you how our software can help.
"To keep things simple, we will say you want to bet on four horse races. You select four nags from the races taking place during the day, and write all four names on a slip before handing it to the bookmaker.

If the first horse wins, a percentage of the winnings are placed on the next horse. If that also wins, we have what's known as a winning "double" bet.

Again a percentage of the winnings is placed on the third horse. If that wins, we have a winning "treble" bet. And so it continues until all four horses have run.

By selecting four such horses to win their races, and "mixing and matching" various combinations of bets, (ie placing a percentage of each win on subsequent horses), multiple doubles and treble bets can be achieved.

Potentially, you can win hundreds of Pounds / Dollars ... and sometimes even thousands"
If all the horses win, we get: That is ELEVEN WINNING BETS
All you have to do is select your four horses, and pass your betting slip to the bookmaker. That's great ... if all four win!
But it only wants one horse to lose, and our potential winnings take a BIG hit. We now end up with only:
  • Three winning doubles
  • One winning treble
That's only FOUR WINNING BETS. Never mind, we could still make a profit.
If one more horse loses, we might as well pack up and go home!! The best we could end up with is a single winning double. We might just about get our stake money back =IF= the bet win at favourable odds.
Regretably, this is what happens most times; two or three of your bets fail, and all your stake money ends up in the bookmaker's satchel. As I've said, the bookmaker's affectionally refer to this bet as the "Mug Punter's Bet" as they know that most times, they will be keeping your money rather than paying out!!
Now it's time for that "Mug Punter" to hit back
Do you reckon you could find one good priced winner in a single day?
We're not talking consecutive betting days here, but when you feel all the conditions are right, and you can select a virtually "nailed on" winner.
If so, you have all you need to make the bookie's weep by effectively obtain multiple winning doubles and trebles.
Or at least, you will have once you use our app that runs on most mobile phones and tablets It can be also be used on any desktop computer that has a browser capable of using HTML5 (that's most modern browsers)
No need to be connected to the internet as it is a "stand-alone" utility ... which means you can take it with you to the local betting shop, and still access the admin screen!
Here's what you do:
  1. Enter the maximum stake you want to risk for eleven bets.

  2. Enter a name for this database (such as Cheltenham 2019) so you can reload it later

  3. A dummy name for the first horse appears in the first race box window
    (At this stage you may not know the name of the horse you want to bet on)

  4. The software tells you the minimum stake you'll be placing on that event

  5. Save the database
That's it. You've finished with the software for today, so it's off to see your friendly bookie to place your bet whenever you're ready.

Day No1

Next day, you get good advice about a certain event, so you ...
  1. Open the software

  2. Replace the dummy name with the actual event name

  3. Save the database
Once the result is known, you open up the software again:
  1. Tell the software whether the bet won or lost.

  2. The software puts a dummy name into the second event window. Or you can enter the name of the next event if known

  3. An advised stake for horse No2

  4. Save the database
How simple was that?
NOTE: You do not get any winnings on the first day

Day No2

A week later, you get another good tip.
  1. Open the software, and select your preferred database

  2. Replace the dummy name in Race2 with the actual event name

  3. Save the database
Again, once the result is known, you open up the software again:
  1. Tell the software whether the bet won or lost.

  2. The software puts a dummy name into the third race window

  3. An advised stake for Event No3

  4. Save the database
** If EventNo1 and EventNo2 won - CONGRATULATIONS. You have a winning "Double" bet ... and the software shows you how much money you can deduct from your bet bank.

You do the same process for bet No3. If that wins, you would have won a further TWO "Doubles" AND a winning treble bet. Again, the software will show how much you can deduct from the bank and claim as your winnings.
Finally, tell the software if bet No4 won.
If all four bets have won - and it can be a mixture of horse bets, golf, football whatever you prefer - prepare to get a nice surprise when the grand total of all your multiple bets appears in the box at the bottom of the screen!!
You can have several databases on the go at any one time, maybe one for football bets, one for horses, one for F1 racing, and you can load each one into the app simply by selecting the name. After a while, you might have 10, 20 (or more) databases saved, most of which will be 'finished', and all four bets completed. They are simply cluttering up your browser storage area, (and the drop down menu near the top of the screen) So you can use the "KILL SELECTED" button to delete particular race databases. (Once removed, there is no way back)
Note: The "KILL ALL" is even more destructive; it deletes EVERY bet database from your browser!
In this example, we have backed four horses at 3/1, 5/1 and 5/1 and 11/8 and turned our £11 stake into £808+ However, if just ONE horse loses, the returns would be considerably smaller
Whilst it's easy to enter odds of 3/1 as decimal odds, fractional odds such as 11/8 cannot be entered into the form directly. No problem. At the top of the screen is a little calculator where you enter the fractional odds, and it tells you the digital odds to enter into the form
So you could place Bet1 today ... Bet2 in a week's time ... Bet3 about 10 days later ... and the last bet a month later. Try and do that on a normal Yankee bet. And if the first two bets go wrong ... you can 'abandon' that database, and not place the other two bets. Again, try doing THAT with a normal Yankee!
As stated above, the databases are stored directly on your phone / tablet / computer; no internet access required. So you can easily walk into any betting shop, and access the app before placing your bets!
Now here's the interesting bit
you don't have to drain your bank if things do not go your way.
If the odds for the first two horses are lower than expected, you might decide to close the bet and not risk your money on the last two bets

If the first three win, you might decide not to risk staking money on the last stage, and get out early
In short, YOU are now in control of your bet, not the bookie
"Can the bookies ban me from using the software?"
In a word: No. As far as they're concerned,
all you're doing is placing single win bets each time ... albeit with increasing stakes.
BUT ...
It has been known for the 'friendly' bookie to close accounts if it looks like you could be taking money from them on a regular basis. So it pays to have several accounts spread amounst different bookmakers.
And having said that, therein lies a note of caution. You need to keep your initial stake to within reasonable limits.
If you get a series of big priced winners, stakes on horse No4 could reach a size where you could have trouble placing the bet with a bookie. Betting exchanges should be OK, if there is enough money available in the market!
Stand By For The "Shocking" Price
Considering this software could make you hundreds and potentially THOUSANDS each time it's run, you can obtain the software for just £9:95
That's right: Just £9.95
It is not a cut down / time limited version. This is the "real deal" for a ridiculously low price. No upsells or "One Time Only" deals. This is one product, one price!
Remember, it will run on your home PC or laptop, or any device that has access to a browser that supports HTML5
It does not "install" anything in the normal sense of the word, (ie adding things to your Windows registry settings, creating multiple folders etc) It is all self-contained within a single folder which runs in your browser. So if you ever want to remove the program from your computer, all you do is delete the folder. Job done!
Note: We are NOT a tipping service. We will not send you advices on what bets to place. That is up to you