The year is 2120
Your Great Great Grand-Daughter Cristina has just turned 18, and decides to research her family tree. Suddenly, she aks her Mother:
"Where did
Great Grandma Ellen
meet Great Grandad Jim?"
Unfortunately, Mum cannot answer the question. A few days later, she asks:
"Mum, did Great Aunt Daisy
have any children?"
Again, Mum cannot answer.

If only Great Grandma Ellen
had purchased a LifeBook back in 2020
Rather than a simple, sterile "questions and answers" type book, the Lifebook provides you with a number of sections, each with a series of hints and prompts on the left-hand pages, which guides you to write your own life history on the blank pages.
For example:
Your Birthday
  • Your actual Birthday
  • Where you were born
  • The town / city of your Birth
  • Any complications
  • Date of Christening, or other religious act
Parents and Family
  • Mother's Maiden name
  • Father's name
  • Any brothers and sisters
  • Any Aunts and Uncles
  • Any Cousins, Nephews and Nieces
Other sections include Childhood, Education, Working Life, Marriage, Children and Grandchildren, Retirement, Friendships, Hobbies, Travels and Holidays, Values and Beliefs, Likes and Dislikes etc
In all, over 68 pages (A4 size: Approx 8" x 11") to document your life, and write "All About You"
As well as covering the "facts", it will be written in your own words, in your own 'style' and in your own handwriting. Thus, it will add your unique 'voice' to the publication. It will become something to hand down to future generations, allowing them to take a glimpse back through history.
It's also a sad fact that some people reading this page now will end up with dementia in later life. This booklet will then serve a secondary purpose, allowing siblings and care workers to gently remind you of your personal memories ...
"Do you remember Sid Jones
who you worked with at ..."

"Do you remember Andrew and Brian
who you went to school with ..."
So why not invest in your future now. It is supplied as a PDF, which means you simply print it off via a home printer. This allows you to run off extra pages if you need them, and perhaps place all the pages in your own ring binder file. (You can also print extra copies of the blank pages if you have a lot to write about)
Or if you want, you can send the file to a printer, and they can print off the pages for you. As well as your own copy, you could make one for your brothers and sisters, Aunts and Uncles, husband etc.
Please note: The standard guide has our website URL on every page. This is so that other marketers do not resell the publication. We also have a "white label" version without the website URL for anyone who wishes to sell the guide as their own, and keep all the profits.

For people in the UK, we also have a physical version of the publication, bound together as a soft cover book. Note, we only have around 80 copies of this left
Standard 68 page PDF
with our website URL
£ 4.95
White Label PDF
(for marketers)
** Please note:
The digital books above require a 45MB download
Physical book
- limited stock

(Posted: UK Only)
£ 12.95