Discover How YOU Could Win
A Small Fortune By Forecasting
On The Fixed Odds Coupon
From the desk of: Chris Brown
Hi there, Professional Bettor
Sounds impossible doesn't it
Correctly forecasting every 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 draw result on the coupon ... and get every single one of them right!
Well, this system does!
And there's no working out if Team A is better than Team B, home results vs away results, league table positions, fitness of the star players etc. You just complete the fixed odds coupon in the betting shop, and walk out five minutes later to get on with your day knowing you WILL have forecast every single draw on the coupon.
And what's more, when the Littlewoods or Vernon Pools announce that "...dividends will be low" due to a large number of draws - you could make a small fortune!
Note: At this stage, it's only fair to say that even forecasting all the draws, you may not have a winning bet as that depends on a couple of Banker bets also winning. But if those do the business as well, you could be leaving the bookies with a nice wad of cash!
Or how about placing bets on just four matches, knowing that if the worse happens you will get your money back ... and if things go to plan, you could win over TEN TIMES YOUR STAKE
Or perhaps you'd prefer to back eight matches ... and be sure of getting a minimum of two trebles. And at best, you could collect up to EIGHT TREBLES
Again, it's only fair to point out that it depends on those Banker bets also work out correctly before you can bank the money. Certainly within the realms of any keen football bettor to select a few odds-on matches
Using our staking plans, each of these scenarios is entirely feasible.
What's more, they have been carefully structured so that at the very least, you'll get your stake money back
How about that? If things don't work quite as planned, at least you could recover your stake money.
And if things go really well ...
who knows how much you could win
So how much is this package worth?
Based on the number of pages / content etc, a few UK "Business Opp" promoters would probably sell this for around 150!
Those that sell 'gambling plans' - which are often not worth the single sheet of paper the 'rules' are printed on - would probably have no qualms about selling it for 100+
I did consider charging around £49 for this report. Some tipsters charge this per month for their advices - and not all their tips win either! But that's still too "greedy" for me.
Whilst these plans could win you £££'s - and I sincerely hope they do - I don't feel justified charging what - to me - seems a ridiculous figure.
I feel £14:95 is far more acceptable.
But please don't think that the low price indicates there is no value in the guide: There is!
I am simply drastically underselling this guide compared to what I SHOULD be selling it at. But as I've said, I'm not greedy like other businesses. Fact: I'm not a business: I'm an individual!
So purchase your copy NOW - before I change my mind and promote it for a more realistic price.
  • We DO NOT advise tips
    as to which teams to back