Two Products ...
Priced from $19:95 to $47:00

And Each Paying You 50% Commission

  From the desk of: Chris Brown

Dear JV Affiliate

We promote these two products via what's technically called a "sales funnel"

Basically, it means people see our first offer, and if they purchase,
they're offered the second product.

All you have to do is drive people to our first offer.

You can find out more about the three products by clicking on the links below
Now - from experience - I know it can be difficult to locate the appropriate links on JVZoo to contact the vendor and ask to promote their product. So I've made it easy for you. Simply request to promote "Cookie_Tick", and you will also be authorised to promote the other product in the funnel.
The other link is shown should you prefer to simply promote "Listbot Wizard"

A Word To The Wise

Although we pay 50% commission, you will NOT get paid $19:95 / $47:00 This is due to the way the JV system works. As publishers, we have to pay JVZoo AND PayPal a percentage of each sale, which is between 6% ~ 10%.

As the affiliate, you earn 50% of what is left once these companies have been paid

Also, because at this stage you are not known to us,
we have to pay you via a 60 day "delayed" option. This allows the system to detect fraudulent sales / process refunds etc. Sorry, but again, it's the way the system works.

The next stage is to click the links above, and send us a request to act as an affiliate for a product. We will then approve/deny your request.

Thanks again for your interest, and ...

Good Luck with your promotions