Will you earn £60,000 from Jim ???

I wonder how many people will fall for this latest offering from “Jim Hunt” / “Micheal White”, (or whatever his pen name is this week) The headline proudly boasts If we make you £128,000, would you split it with us?” Sounds good, especially as they will do all the work for you, and the offer is limited to only 100 people. Oh yes, and it’s FREE to join.

But let’s reverse engineer these facts.

So it’s limited to 100 people, (or is that just a marketing tactic called ‘scarcity’) Assuming it’s true, and they’ve stated above they’re asking it you would share £128,000 … this would mean they have to make almost £13 MILLION in sales to honour that figure to everyone.

Vid-e-Tec is springing to life …

For the last few months, I have been modifying some of my software, (this is the third or fourth version!) and is now operating under the “CoAdMem” banner. It’s a membership style software with a difference – which I will explain anon. And the first site to be set up is “Vid-e-tec.com

As the name implys, this is a “Vid-e(o)” site looking at production “TECnique”. This covers physical production with cameras, visual effects using software and marketing style whiteboard and explainer style videos. As of April 2016, it’s a bit ‘thin-on-the-ground’ in terms of content, but hopefully that will improve in time. The ultimate aim is to make it a membership site with some FREE content, and more hidden away under the membership bonnet.

Video and Photography as a business

Facebook group link

This Facbook group is aimed at people who would like to develop a business using video or photography as the base to work from. It is also aimed at people who have already created such businesses who will share their concept with others.

When you think of a photography business, you invariably think of Wedding photography. But there are other avenues, such as taking pictures of products for ebayers / Amazon sellers, selling photo prints on Etsy … or even setting up a photobooth business (£100 an hour)

What REALLY annoys me …

Apart from the spammers sending me junk email, I also get emails from several “gurus” where I’ve purchased one of their products, or I’ve chosen to subscribe to their list.

They willingly send you all the latest deals they’re promoting as an affiliate … but you try reversing the role, and sending them an email.

Obviously, I’m not talking about sending THEM details of something you’re also promoting as an affiliate which will obiously go straight in the bin. I’m talking about where you’ve created a product which they could promote to their mailing list to make even more cash.

How to set a thumbnail on Facebook

When you add a link to a Facebook page, a few moments later an image from the site apppears below the status update. Sometimes – such as when uploading a video – the thumbnail image appears OK. But other times – such as when linking to a website – the image that’s displayed is inappropriate. For example, it might ‘capture’ the logo of the site, which might be 500 pixels wide, and display a central portion of that image, which then just looks “silly”