What is this site about?

It’s March 2016; time to update my plans again.

Over the years – yes YEARS – I have created a number of software utilities and websites. I have now “revamped” a number of them, and have started to try and sell them again via JVZoo. (For the “techies”, I have removed the <iframes> and modal window pop-ups, and replaced them with <divs><objects> and similar)

Another venture I set up was SociBiz-Witham. The idea was that businesses might place ads, and clubs / societies would send news items.  But as ever, the idea took off like the proverbial lead baloon!

I’m now about to embark on setting up a video site aimed at providing techniques and advice. As well as camera based techniques, I also hope to cover  “EasyVSL“, “Explaindio” , “HitFilm” and similar. It’s called it “Vid-e-Tec”, and I hope that authorative figures will send me 2 – 3 articles each month, (and by promoting the site, earn favourable 100% commision!) One slight drawback is that Google have now introduced a “slap” than penalises sites that are not mobile friendly. Guess what type of site my software creates!

I’m also working – unpaid – with a “green” company, and have created a mobile friendly ecommerce site selling over 1,000 products including aloevera, aromatherapy, bio-degradable bags and eco-friendly cleaning products. Find out more at Eco-rainbo.com.

Oh, and the photo-booth business is on the way, together with a LARGE publication (now up to 300 pages and counting!) explaining how to get into the photo-booth business, school photography, graduation and sports photos. I’ve also set it up on “KickStarter” in a hope to raise funds

With respect to the above, I’ve also created three software programs … and am currently putting the finishing touches to an Android app!!

Whose a Busy Boy, then???

All the best,
Chris Brown

PS: Why is this site called “Cristofayre.com” It’s actually a play on words. The first section is another version of my name (Christopher becomes Cristo and Fayre is an Olde English word meaning “to promote or offer for sale a range of goods and services” which I felt was appropriate for my online activities!


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